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Are you overwhelmed with life’s demands?
Do you need a break to reset your outlook?
Give yourself the gift of a personal healing retreat.
It may be just what you need to feel rested, inspired and motivated.

Your private healing retreat is your time away to focus on what’s important to your wellbeing. You are given space to expand and time to explore with the guidance of Cynthia Miller, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Intuitive Mentor and retreat owner.  You become aware of the patterns in your life and how to break free of what no longer serves you.

Arrive in the afternoon for orientation and a delicious healthy dinner. Evening relaxation sets you up for a restful sleep and morning awakens gently in a comfy chair overlooking the inlet with hummingbirds buzzing about.

Guided visualization, energy body work and insightful conversations make up your day with personal time to walk amongst the beauty of nature. Learn how to set your intention to feel empowered in your own truth.

If you experience these scenarios, you may need time away for yourself:

  • You feel stress building up in your physical body over the day.
  • You can’t focus on the task at hand.
  • You feel depleted and tired more often.
  • Migraines, sinus problems or headaches are the norm for you.
  • You feel tired but you can’t sleep through the night.
  • You lack motivation even with the things you love.
  • You’d like to learn how to manage stress.
  • Everyday you say it’s going to get better but it only gets worse.
  • You want to get away by yourself to reset your outlook.

What will you do during the Healing Retreat?

What will the Private Retreat do for you?

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open sky trees

Coming from the Northeast, I could not wait to see this part of the world. What I experienced for 30 days was something out of a dream. Cynthia & Gary are gracious hosts. Their home is warm and lovely and the VIEW is literally a million dollar view. Who needs TV when you can stare out the picture size windows and gaze out to see mountains, water, pink sunrises and purple sunsets. Looking out at night to see the Milky Way and seeing more shooting stars than ever in just one night. Cynthia’s beliefs and ways are poured into her magnificent healthy meals that are made with love. She and Gary took me all over the coast. It was truly magical, and I can’t wait to see her again….

ALLYSON, Sept 2016

open sky trees

Purchase motilium tablets - Motilium tablets to buy

Purchase motilium tablets - Motilium tablets to buy

Private Healing Retreat

  • All inclusive meals, accommodation & sessions

  • Spacious view room with private en-suite

  • Free time to rest, read, journal or be creative. nap

  • Scent filled garden walks

  • Meditation and yoga

  • Feel tension melt away

  • Healthy meals with garden fresh herbs and veggies

  • Walks to the beach or forest trails

  • Release outdated beliefs & limitations
  • Feel your heart and soul align
  • Cozy healing room with fireplace
  • Nature at your doorstep
  • Evening relaxation techniques
  • Reset your outlook with positive thoughts
  • Be yourself and feel your truth
  • Return home feeling refreshed and energized
open sky trees

I don’t think my experience could have been any better. I loved how we didn’t follow a schedule and were able to just sit and talk throughout the week. You have such great insight! The walks to the beach and forest were wonderful. Thank you Cynthia.

CM August 2016

Your investment includes private accommodation, healthy meals, snacks, healing sessions, evening relaxation techniques and take home kit to continue your journey.

$300 per night.

Book now!
Call 604-779-9100

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