What does it feel like to be in hypnosis?

By |July 11th, 2012|

July Newsletter explains Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta states of mind. Have you wondered what these are?




By |March 13th, 2012|

What does Synchronicity mean for you? For some, it means being able to merge into traffic with just the right speed or receiving a call from someone you were just thinking about. For others it may be that you were […]


By |February 28th, 2012|

Do you tend to think of events in the past and dwell on how it should or could have been? Do you ask yourself why me – why did this happen to me?

It’s common sense to think that events in […]


By |February 8th, 2012|

As we shift into a special new year of the dragon, I ask that you take a close look at the responsibilities you choose to have in your life. Take some time and really evaluate the responsibilities you have now, […]

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