Powerful & Invigorating!

Crystal elixirs or essences are created when the energy of the stones are infused with clean water to consume as needed. I chose to clean my stones in rain water collected on Dec 24 and with filtered water create the elixirs and place them outside under the full moon of Christmas evening.

It was a perfectly clear night that allowed the light and energy of the beautiful moon to enrich and infuse the crystal energy into the water using the indirect method of placing the stone in a jar within the water to avoid direct contact. This way there are no toxic contaminates in the water so they are completely safe to drink.

I combined a white striped Agate I found on the North Beach of Haida Gwaii with Bloodstone to create an essence infused with the energy of strength, courage and vitality as well as grounding and balancing energy to bring me into the new year free to create my dreams. Agate is also known to help with risk taking and stabilization.

I infused another litre of water with Amethyst alone to have the energy of purification and connection with Divine, a favourite crystal of many for protection from over indulgence.

Another combination I was inspired to create was Chrysocolla for communication along with Rose Quartz, known for use in love and relationships.

The forth was Moldavite alone, a glass like stone found only in Eastern Europe thought to have come from a meteor millions of years ago. The energy is transformation, rapid spiritual evolution and chakra activation.

I believe these combinations were not by accident but are exactly what I am looking for to embrace what is to come in the new year. I look forward to sipping daily from my bank of highly energized water to bring fearless empowerment into my creations for 2016.