Conscious Questions for December 2016.

Change the future of the planet with your buying decisions.

Only 21 days until Winter Solstice when the days start getting longer! Until then, enjoy the festive season wisely by setting some intentions for the last month of 2016 being consciously aware of your impact on the global environment.

We are literally fighting as a society to strike a balance between our need for natural resources while keeping the earth safe from harm. I believe it starts with purchasing patterns that we have the power to change.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when you are face to face with decorative embellishments, gifts and party planning.

  • WHERE WAS IT MADE? Your purchase reflects how you want the future to unfold. Are you supporting local crafts persons or distant factory workers with your purchase? Our demand for cheaply made goods means even more will be made and excess resources will be used to not only bring it to you but increase the need for crude oil with the by products it most likely contains.
  • WHAT FOOD SHOULD I EAT? Change up the old traditions and try something new by using local and seasonal foods for festive meals instead of going for cheap shrimp that has been farmed somewhere thousands of miles away.
  • HOW MUCH ENERGY WILL IT TAKE? Gifts can be ordered on line and shipped from the receiver’s area instead of spending valuable time, money and stress racing around the city for the perfect gift and then using more resources to send it. On line shopping is technology we should be taking advantage of.
  • WHAT WILL IT COST? Remember the good feeling is in the giving – not how much you spend. Try to set budgets with friends and family so expectations are not deflated and cause conflict on the day that is meant for being together.
  • WHO NEEDS HELP? Give to those who need help by joining together to make gift baskets or food certificates for families who are lacking. If there’s someone you know who may be alone for a seasonal gathering, extend an invitation and be open for whatever might come with compassion and grace instead of anxiety and worry.
  • WHAT IS MY BODY TELLING ME? Give your liver a break and set a limit on your consumption of alcohol and food. You’ll feel better in the morning and this habit may even extend your lifespan.
  • WHAT CAN I DO FOR MYSELF? Be kind to yourself by paying attention to what feels right for you. Maybe you need to get away or maybe you need to be alone – that’s up to you to decide, not someone else. One more balanced person has a positive impact on the challenges we all face together.