Are you living from a place of confidence and understanding?

   Confident and empowered women know they can live their truth and be authentic in all the different roles they play in various relationships. The suggestions made here are based on energetic chakra alignment with the heart and soul and are not meant to provide counselling, but to set a platform for self reflection to enhance all relationships.

Confident and empowered women are grounded, centred, aligned and stable. In the connections they make, they are secure in their knowing that there are lessons to be learned from the people they attract into their lives. They know their awareness expands when they are open to observe and accept change as it comes. They trust themselves to know what they need to feel secure and they engage in relationships where they feel stable and free to be themselves.

Confident and empowered women are not with someone simply as an option to being alone. They do not limit opportunities by staying where it does not feel good. They are clear in their choices and they know when to walk away from a situation that is not right for them.

Confident and empowered women choose what they love to do whether it involves someone else or not. They know that the energy they create brings more of that feeling to them to enhance their journey and manifest their desires. They know that if they are with someone that does not feel right, they are not in a place to receive. The energy does not align.

Confident and empowered women feel joy and happiness from within and they take responsibility for their own emotions to create a lifestyle that allows them to be fulfilled from their own doing. They know it’s up to them to choose the feeling they want to have.

Waiting for an event to happen or someone’s actions to make them happy is not something a confident woman would rely upon. They know that depending on external factors to make them happy does not last. They will always be looking for something else to have that feeling.

They feel confident and empowered when they know what truly brings them joy. They become the observer of their own thoughts and actions and they know what really makes them happy. They move toward what feels good using their emotions to guide them.

Confident and empowered women live their own truth. Based on their values, they know that their thoughts, ideas, actions, and words reflect how they feel about themselves and their place in the world.

When everything is going well, it’s easy to feel authentic and live in truth. It’s when there is an upset that confident and empowered women show who they really are. They don’t get flustered but stay grounded and clear, knowing they can figure things out. They do not place blame or take it out on someone else and they certainly don’t berate themselves.

Confident and empowered women observe in a non judgemental way and if there’s something they’d like to change, they know it’s up to them to do the work to make that happen. They know if they don’t make changes, those things will surface again and again in future relationships no matter who they are with.

Confident and empowered women are patient, considerate and understanding. They are forgiving and they have patience with their time when it comes to knowing someone for who they are. They are understanding of everyone’s unique qualities and they are compassionate to other’s needs.

It’s hard for some to open up if they’ve been betrayed in the past. It’s natural for them to try and protect themselves and they might approach a new relationship a little bit guarded. Confident and empowered women know that it takes time to get to know someone and they are patient with the process. They do not focus on the negative and they are not attached to the outcome.

Confident and empowered women are not anxious or distracted with an agenda. They are in the moment of the journey and they are not wondering where the relationship is going. If the present feels good they enjoy it. They let it unfold.

Confident and empowered women allow open communication in their relationships and they express themselves freely. They are focused on the conversation with good listening skills and insightful contributions. They feel free to say what they choose and they allow others to voice their opinion.

Confident and empowered women do not suffer from frequent sore throats because they can’t express themselves freely. They are not emotionally attached to others’ comments or repeat troublesome conversations over and over in their mind.

Confident and empowered women step out of their comfort zone to change patterns that develop in discussions and they have the courage to break free from repetitive reactions and assumptions. They change by becoming more accepting of other’s opinions without feeling the need to respond and they receive more respect simply by giving more respect to others. They communicate what is not acceptable while giving relationships time to change.

Confident and empowered women are aware of their intuition and trust it for guidance. They know their perception is unique and they’re tuned into their wisdom. They listen and they trust themselves to be open to whatever comes their way.

Confident and empowered women are not held back with worry or distrust. They don’t default to think negatively about what could happen, but they allow the best to happen when they follow their intuition and expect great things to transpire.
Confident and empowered women trust and believe in themselves because they’ve experienced the synchronicity intuition brings. They detach from the why of the journey, and focus on the way of the journey.

Confident and empowered women know that they are perfect in their imperfection and they know that whatever they attract into their lives is the energy they are creating. They understand the laws of the universe and recognize that they have the power to manifest beyond what they can imagine.

Confident and empowered women are not always trying to please others or feel scattered looking after everyone else. They are in alignment with their divine purpose. They understand the benefits of time away from distractions to bring themselves back to who they are.

Confident and empowered women make changes to look after themselves. They know what it is that they have to change to feel at peace and to know they are on a path of truth and authenticity. They observe what is going and make changes that are right for them.

Wherever the confident and empowered women are in their life, they follow their heart and align with their soul’s calling.