Reiki is an ancient Japanese mode of healing that involves light touch and allows the flow of universal energy to the participant to draw from, to help heal their body. The reported benefits are numerous including and not limited to relaxation, balance, less stress, more vitality and the ability to sleep easily.

The Canadian Reiki Association was formed to connect the Canadian Reiki community and is a excellent source of information. The WestCoast Reiki Centre provides workshops locally where you can experience both the receiving Reiki as well as giving.

I have been practicing Reiki since 1990 and now offer it as a service combined with guided visualization of the Chakra Energy Centres to help cleanse and balance energy that we tend to hold onto. Recipients have reported feeling lighter and less bogged down with their worries. I invite you to experience this method of healing that will delight you in the simplicity of tapping into and allowing the life force energy to flow.