Clear Your Mind ~ Listen To Your Heart

Healing Options

At the retreat you feel at home, yet away from distractions to relax and just be.
Pacific Peace Retreat on the Sunshine Coast of B.C. is easily accessible from the lower mainland with a quick 40 minute ferry ride and a 30 minute drive. We offer Bed & Breakfast accommodation with healing options to give you a lovely balance between exploring the surroundings and nurturing the Soul.

Kayak the inlet, hike the trails or mountain bike the local parks and enjoy a place of stillness to clear your mind and listen to your heart.
Dedicated to your wellbeing, we open our doors to share a slice of heaven on earth.

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Retreat, Relax, Renew

Our healing options can be booked while you’re at the B&B or if you’re in the local area for an in person session.

With hypnotherapy you change your perspective.

HYPNOTHERAPY can help to shift perspective if you feel blocked by your beliefs. It can help release the past so you’re able to move on in life. It can also help you create habits that align with your goal.

In person HYPNOTHERAPY = 2 hours = $150. Also available on ZOOM. Suggested minimum 3 sessions.

hands on healing

REIKI is a hands on energy healing to help release stagnant energy and heal physical and emotional challenges.

Combined with ACCESS BARS, a touchpoint application to the head, it can provide a deep relaxation before bed. In person REIKI & ACCESS BARS combination = 1 hour = $165


Sound Healing is vibration that helps balance your energy systems.

SOUND HEALING SESSIONS provide vibrational alignment to your energy centres and helps create balance and bliss.

Cosy and warm under a blanket on a floor cushion by the fireplace you transport your mind and body to a higher dimension to envision a healing journey with the beat of drums, chimes, tibetan bowls and an amazing gong.

SOUND HEALING = 1 hour = $165 for up to 2 persons.

Serenity Oil Spa

SYMPHONY OF THE CELLS Healing Session is a layering on of essential oils for a specific ailment. 15 Protocols to choose from that include Cardiovascular, Cellular, Chi, Digestive, Emobic, Forgiveness, Hormone Balance, Infectious Disease, Inflammatory, Lymphatic, Maxim (Cancer), Neurological, Osteo, Respiratory & Solar (Depression).  

SYMPHONY OF THE CELLS is FREE with a minimum 100 points purchase of doTERRA products. Lots of kits and household products to choose from including non-toxic cleaners, skin care, supplements and essential oils. Cynthia adds her “Essential Emotions” readings to each oil to ensure a full release.

Text, call or email Cynthia to book your session prior to arrival to ensure preferred scheduling. 

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WOW… What a spectacular experience! Thank you for the warm, beautiful and peaceful hospitality. Delicious breakfast, breath taking views, helpful recommendations, comfy accommodations, great conversation… You’ve hit the bulls-eye in creating this retreat! Thanks for being part of our vacation celebration.
Guest Review 2018
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