Couples Retreat


Have you drifted apart?

Do you wonder how you ever got to this place?

Not sure how to get back to feeling in sync with each other?

Join us with your partner on the Sunshine Coast of BC to allow time away from the chaos of life to relax and remember how you want to build your life together.

Discover how to create a strong foundation to move forward and easily enjoy each other’s company in a retreat designed to guide you to your vision of the future.

If you feel like you’re closing down, it’s time to express yourself and how you want to feel in your relationship. Learn how to communicate openly and honestly and create a future with joy and harmony.

happy man and woman

Spend time in quiet natural surroundings and let go of what is holding your relationship back from where you want it to be. Discover how to move forward freely with trust and confidence in each other.

Your host Cynthia Miller, Intuitive Mentor and retreat owner supports you and your partner on your journey as you expand your awareness into unlimited possibilities for your relationship.

“After spending a few days in this beautiful place, we now look at each other differently, like the way we used to. We got past the hurt and pain we somehow seemed to focus on before. Now we are talking openly about what we want together. It saved us!”


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Take Home the Benefits

  • Open to your wisdom and truth with insightful conversations
  • Become aware of your energy imprint
  • Get clear on the vision of your future together
  • View room with king bed & private en-suite
  • Healthy meals, snacks and accommodation included
  • Free from distractions to focus on each other
  • Consciously reset your intention together
  • Peaceful space to express yourself freely
  • Feel your energy align with each other
  • Quiet walks and inspiring talks promote healing
  • Feel blissful once again
  • Return home feeling calm, serene, free & light


Private and Spacious

Awaken to calm waters and open sky in our protected bay on the inlet. Whether the clouds roll in and create a misty light or clear skies reveal the blue, you will feel comfy in your private view room with king bed. Relax in the afternoon with a nap, catch up on your reading or participate in Healing Sessions that help you explore your values and the importance of defining your future together.

open sky trees

“Finding answers to some of life’s puzzle was truly a gift from Pacific Peace Retreat. A wonderful stay in a glorious place”


Your Host: Cynthia Miller

Cynthia Miller, CHt
Teacher & Intuitive Mentor

Having inspired many men and woman over the years, Cynthia’s gentle and compassionate place of listening allows guests to unwind and open up to your truth. You will uncover limitations and beliefs that no longer serve your higher good and choose to let go only what you are ready to release.

You will learn about the energy that you are creating and you will be able to see with fresh eyes how to make changes that are good for you and your partner. When you do this together there is a synchronistic flow in how you move forward and you are able to create the vision of your future together, fully aligned.

Couples Retreat
$597 per night – minimum 2 nights

All inclusive meals, snacks, accommodation and mentor sessions for 2 persons.
Call now to reserve!

Cynthia: 604-779-9100 or email Cynthia@PacificPeace.ca