Detox Retreat


Are you tired and sluggish? Foggy in the head?
Is stress making you frazzled?
If you want to feel energized with a clear mind, spend a few days away from distractions to release stress and toxins in the mind, body and soul.

Signs you are ready for a Detox Retreat

  • your energy level is low and you feel tired throughout the day
  • your digestion feels slow and makes you feel sluggish
  • you can’t seem to cut the cravings for sweets or caffeine
  • migraines, sinus problems or headaches are the norm for you
  • your muscles and joints feel sensitive or painful
  • you lack motivation even with the things you love
  • you lack vitality and the sense of loving life
  • your skin feels dry or acne break outs
  • you know you lack hydration but can’t stick to good habits
  • negative thoughts take over so it’s hard to be positive about your future

What will the Detox Retreat do for you?

  • you will feel light and energized
  • your body will crave what it needs; clean water, fresh air and nutrition
  • you will feel clear in the head and light in your mood
  • you will feel empowered to take control of your life path
  • you will feel motivated and inspired from within
  • your skin will start to feel more supple and hydrated
  • positive thought patterns develop more easily
  • you will sleep more soundly
  • your future will be seen as bright and positive
  • the image of yourself is powerful as you embrace your uniqueness
open sky trees

Sitting in the stillness here was key for me. It brings me peace and calm and when I’m in this state, much of the raw emotion disappears. I love that you were flexible to what we needed, sometimes helping us relalize what it was.

I feel more reflective and less hard on myself.

TR April 2016

What does the Detox Retreat look like?

  • Choose from a menu following the principles of either a Liver Cleanse or Candida Cleanse
  • you will be welcomed with a informative orientation with the importance of cleansing and releasing toxins from the body
  • you will eat nutrient dense food and juices that cleanse the body and give your digestive system a break
  • you will create the mindset that supports the weekend’s motto “Release – Release – Release”   
  • with mindful meditation and healing sessions, you will let go of cravings and take control of your eating habits
  • with creative visualization you will let go of stagnant energy and start living a healthy life, clear and focused on your direction
  • you learn how to ground your energy and stand in your own greatness for those times when you need to be strong and break through old habits
  • you will participate in ceremony to release whatever blocks are holding you back from living a life you love
  • you will create create anchors to ensure positive thought patterns continue to support you when you return home 
  • you will learn techniques for self discovery on your own personal healing journey
open sky trees

Mind Body Soul Release

Detox Retreat

  • Earth energy grounds you

  • Water energy soothes you

  • Fresh air abounds

  • Fire warms your soul

  • Ease into the morning gently

  • Align with your higher self

  • Chakra balance with sacred sound

  • Guided Intentional Meditation

  • Nutrient dense organic meals & juices

  • Gentle activities to detox liver & digestion

  • Release on all levels; mind, body & soul

  • Let go of old energy
  • Learn how to live stress free
  • Return home feeling refreshed and energized, light and free
open sky trees

Words cannot fully express my gratitude to you. Every detail contributed to my healing, from your warm welcomes, cozy home, gorgeous room, healthy and vibrant good, fresh drinks, centring yoga, my fave tea, collaborative canoeing, beautiful talks, life affirming hypnotherapy, connecting with tress, afternoon float in the water, delicious BBQ, patient and listening ear and validation of my goodness and wisdom. Everyone deserves this presence and nurturance!

Detox Retreat Participant – Aug 2018

Your investment includes the ground level self contained suite with inlet views, delicious meals, organic juices, healing sessions, evening relaxation techniques and take home kit to continue your journey.

2 nights all inclusive $650 or
Save $200 when you bring a friend at $497 each and share a room.

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