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Cynthia Miller, CHt founded Pacific Peace Healing Arts as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and has been driven quite passionately to teach others how to live a peaceful life. Having experienced incredible personal growth after freeing herself from the past, she wants you to know her methods to deal with life’s challenges.

Cynthia realizes that teaching and sharing her experience to greater health and wellness through a mind, body, soul connection was a healing journey for her. It became her passionate mission to get her message out so that others can feel grounded and assured from within and resonate from a place of love.

Cynthia applied basic habits and practices over the years and through her studies has overcome self doubt, low self esteem and negative thoughts. She is now teaching at her retreat, mentoring clients from all over the world and still finds time for her interests in gardening, yoga, health and spirituality to name a few.

Her mission is to help you live free from emotional energy and to remove blocks that hold you back. Then you can be clear and feel confident in your future, more trust in yourself. This brings more peace to your life!

Your beliefs may not be the truth of who you are and when you find they do not align with what you want to create in life and the person you want to be, it can be challenging to break down the barriers to feel authentic.

We help you align with your higher self and live in the pure energy of who you are with support and knowledge, intuition and guidance. We provide space for you to explore and expand.

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Aligning the heart and soul with holistic and natural methods, Cynthia helps you to heal the past and let go of emotional energy that gets in the way of what’s possible for your future. 

Many people can feel energetic shifts on the planet as our consciousness expands and rises to a higher vibration. We see it everywhere as people are embracing who they are and expressing their message.

Some are struggling with everyday relationships and careers that cause stress and anxiety and Cynthia’s methods of healing bring about a transformation to accept and embrace your unique self.

Many attempt to engage their intuition to sense and feel the vibration of something greater and need guidance to realize their greatness and allow their lives to unfold. The “Shift Your Core – Shine Your Light” Program offers guidance and support as you learn to shift your core beliefs and feel your greatness come through. You can read more about Mentorship and the program by clicking on this link: Shift Your Core – Shine Your Light.

Cynthia’s goal is to teach you about the energy you create and help you come to a place of ease and flow to vibrate at the energy of good health, happiness and prosperity.

To learn more about the healing arts Cynthia practices and to enquire about retreat options, please book a free Discovery Session and uncover what’s holding you back from living your truth.

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Healing with Cynthia Miller, CHt

Shift Your Core – Shine Your Light

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“Relaxing, grounding, peaceful! Thank you so much for helping me re-centre myself. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
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