How does hypnotherapy work?     Will hypnotherapy help me?


Do you have negative thoughts you can’t shake?
Do you feel overwhelmed? Symptoms of anxiety taking over your life?
Release limitations in the mind and create a life you love.

Is Hypnotherapy For You?
Hypnotherapy will help you break free of negative thoughts, anxiety and depression and change your mindset to create a life you love. The power of the subconscious mind is untapped in most individuals. Hypnotherapy helps you uncover what’s preventing you from living your truth. Going inward, you are able to release whatever is holding you back.

Before Hypnotherapy, you might feel…

  • overwhelmed and lost; not sure how to manage your life
  • not sure who you really are; don’t feel comfortable in society
  • negative thoughts keep you in the past
  • it’s difficult to move through betrayal, grief or trauma
  • like you’re still affected by what happened to you in your childhood
  • that your habits are out of control; smoking, eating, drinking, gambling
  • that you can’t imagine what it would be like to live freely in joy

Feeling Stuck? Get to the root of the problem with hypnosis based therapy. You release outdated beliefs that no longer serve you and emotional attachment is gone so your actions are calm and in control, no longer effected by the past.

With hypnotherapy you change your perspective.
Eating Habits

Emotional Eating? Do you reach  for food you don’t even want? Are you tired of fighting the habits you try so hard to change? Book a free Discovery Session and learn how to take control of your eating habits and be free of cravings.

After Hypnotherapy you will…

  • be in control of your thoughts and actions
  • automatically have more positive thoughts
  • you are clear in mind so you express yourself easily and get your point across without emotional outbursts
  • no longer feel held back and so you move forward
  • open up to more awareness and pay attention to the energy you create
  • free yourself from expectations, no longer attached to outcomes
  • better able to manage fear, anxiety and thoughts of self doubt
  • accept yourself and your unique qualities and contributions
  • feel light as if a weight has been lifted from your shoulders

Free Discovery Session  Have a “no obligations” conversation with Cynthia Miller, Clinical Hypnotherapist and learn how the subconscious mind works and how you can create thoughts that support the way you want to live.

Testimonial  “My partner thinks it was a miracle” notes a client who had a difficult time getting into a vehicle after a traumatizing car accident. Before the hypnosis sessions, she had to sit in the back seat with her eyes closed. After just 1 session she was calm and sat in the front, no longer holding on in fear. After 3 sessions, she was in the driver’s seat and feeling comfortable, gradually driving further and further away from home.

Hypnotherapy is not as mysterious as some might think.  It’s a communication process to the part of your mind that looks after you and sometimes holds you back when you want to move forward. As most people know, moving through fear and self doubt is the way to expand into a life where you get to choose how you want to live.

What does it feel like to be in the state of hypnosis?  The mind goes in and out of this natural state throughout the day while daydreaming, playing music or using the imagination. To do this intentionally, you close your eyes and relax you body and clear your mind. The brain waves slow down and your senses become heightened to the degree that you open up to a higher realization than in your conscious state. It is a very peaceful, calming state to achieve and it is here that you communicate to the subconscious mind exactly how you want to be.

Testimonial  After being fired from a position a client held onto negative feelings toward her former employer. After just one hypnotherapy session, she felt better and 1 month later reported the following: “I attended a party and arrived at the same time as my former boss who let me go. First of all I didn’t feel the nausea or panic I have felt in the past from his presence. I had a perfectly-engaged conversation with him and felt no angst at all. My absence of malice surprised me, because I didn’t will myself to endure a conversation. I simply felt nothing negative! Thank you for helping me move beyond that difficult time in my life!”

Hypnotherapy creates positive thoughts.

Insights Your power becomes evident as you learn how to put your energy into your intention to create what you want, whether it’s peace in the family or confidence on the stage. You open up to the idea that you are programmer of your life. Cynthia intuitively and gracefully holds the space for you to align with what you want to create. 

Lasting Results Changing the way you look at yourself right here, right now, without the past interfering gives you confidence and self esteem to make choices that are right for you. Once you make the changes in your life, you don’t go back to your old ways. You realize the way you used to view yourself doesn’t work for the life you are creating. You learn about the energy that you create and you learn how to take control of your presence in the world. You become more organized, more focused and in alignment with your higher self, being the best you can be.

Testimonial “Cynthia helped me through a very difficult time in my life with hypnotherapy. It helped me overcome fear and helped me to believe in myself so that I was able to fight the disease that had taken over my life. Hypnosis helped to relax me so that I was able to sleep better. It brought calm to my daily life that enabled me to see clearly and focus on getting better. My friends and family could see that it helped me and in doing so, gave them confidence in me and my healing. Hypnosis has brought joy to my life as I learned the benefits of releasing emotions that do not serve me. Marta, Vancouver, BC

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Free Discovery Session  Have a “no obligations” conversation with Cynthia Miller, Clinical Hypnotherapist and learn how the subconscious mind works and how you can create thoughts that support the way you want to live.

Benefits of Hypnotherapy The natural hypnotic state with heightened senses and conscious awareness is an opportunity to access your subconscious mind to understand your truth so you can let go of limitations that hold you back. You realize your lessons are in the challenge, whatever you are moving through and there is a feeling acceptance without emotional kickback. An emotional imprint is left in your energy body from events and things that happen to you. You release the imprints and you move forward, no longer attached to the past.

Confidence & Self Esteem Hypnotherapy helps you see what is holding you back from standing strong and living your truth. You realize it’s ok to let it go and you are no longer attached to the energy of the block. You open up and allow yourself to rise above lower energy of feeling less than and take on the energy of trust and allowing. You become aware of how to be your better self, clear, focused and moving forward.

Stress & Anxiety When you learn how to take control of your thoughts, your body follows with actions that support how you want to be. Hypnotherapy allows you to live in the power of the flow of adrenaline in the fight or flight headspace that naturally happens when you step out of your comfort zone. You learn practical ways to step into the feelings of fear to be strong and secure in who you are.

Habits & Patterns Your actions begin with your thoughts and your values. If you want to change a habit, hypnotherapy can help you re-program your mind to feel comfortable doing things a new way. Whether it’s eating, smoking or drinking, it becomes easier to change your thought patterns to align with your values and change your actions to be the person you know you are.

Depression It’s difficult to feel motivated or accomplished when depression overcomes your every thought and action. With hypnotherapy, a new perspective gives you insight and awareness to rise above and become active to go toward what feels good for you. You surrender and feel at peace even in difficult times with trust and knowing you are supported on your journey.

Emotional Release Emotions are short lived unless there is resistance to them. Hypnotherapy gets your life back on track after emotions have been made raw with upset and anguish. You find you can move on, even after holding onto to emotional energy for so many years. You realize you can be free of the heavy feeling and you move toward feeling free and light.

Spirituality Honouring your connection to a higher power is unique for everyone. Whatever that looks like for you brings a feeling of being part of the whole of something truly magnificent. You create more trust in yourself to know you are making decisions that are right for you. Your higher self will always come through, even while managing ego, energetic imbalances and emotional imprints.

Substance Abuse Addiction to alcohol, drugs and food can take over all aspects of your life with no control of where you are going. The practice of self hypnosis brings your focus to create a life you love no longer controlled by outdated beliefs. When you learn how to honour your relationship with all that is, you feel the separateness the addiction, no longer compelled to have it in your life.

Gaming Addiction Guilt and shame can manifest with the crutch of digital gaming and monetary gambling. Hypnotherapy can help you identify triggers and change patterns so your behaviour is no longer controlled with urges to participate. You live freely, clear and in control. This crippling habit can rip families apart and ruin financial stability, however the habit can be changed at any age.

Frequently Asked Questions: If you’re still wondering about hypnotherapy check out the FAQ page. Click Here: Frequently Asked Questions.

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Hypnotherapy Sessions

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What is best for you? One session will give you an idea of what hypnotherapy is all about. It will help you relax and feel calm. Further sessions will change thought patterns and deep rooted habits, continuously removing layer after layer of outdated energy from the past.
Free Discovery Session  Have a “no obligations” conversation with Cynthia Miller, Clinical Hypnotherapist and learn how the subconscious mind works and how you can create thoughts that support the way you want to live.