Time Simply Stands Still and Lets You Catch Up

Beyond the obvious stillness and state of mind that creative expression gives, the benefits of watercolor art goes deeper into the lessons with many other benefits worthy of a mention.

When you’re feeling frazzled it’s a good way to slow down. You pay attention to what your brush is doing and not the news.

It’s meditative when you get into your artwork and with the use of water, the flow and blending of the colors are more than inspiring. It prompts us to try again for a similar look, but it always has a different outcome so you learn how to detach from what you expected. It takes acceptance to do that.

After some time painting regularly, we noticed that we start to look at light and shapes differently when we’re not painting. The art of life starts to unfold as this happens.

Working with watercolor helps to manage stress as we all take on so much more than is good. Worry is also something that disappears when you paint. The focus is on the art and it allows a breather from the struggles you might have. They will still be there when you return but you know you will have a completely different outlook when you pack up your paints. You know this was good for you.

An ongoing interest in creativity has been shown to be effective self regulating relief. You can live with hormones in harmony and thyroid balanced when you use it to manage stress.

Time simply stands still and lets you catch up.

To express oneself with watercolour is a practice that can get better as you progress over time. It helps to look back and see your improvements and all the techniques you’ve tried. Of course your unique talents will be completely different from mine but it’s fun to share in a group and helps to bring people together from all over the globe.

There are many ways to bring watercolour to life and during our online classes we found that each week has a new lesson for us. From working with light and shadow, creating textures and surface interest we cover a variety of brush techniques and watercolour practices. It gives us great freedom to play.

Not only do you get an experiential lesson in colour and brushstrokes, you also learn the importance of composition and what is pleasing to the eye in the art of design itself. We intuitively let what feels right to be expressed so you could say that it puts us in touch with our inner guidance. I simply love this aspect and being in this state during the process.

You gain a certain level of continuity of producing art and over time you can feel good about it. Having a passion to produce is living out your dream so please honour your art and what you create in life. Your life is your artwork.

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