3 Essential Steps to the Flow of Creation

Wondering where you get stuck? Know the steps you must go through to be in the flow of creation.

There are 3 essential steps in the ever expanding world of creation, whether its a relationship, work project or personal interest.

If you find yourself stuck in your journey of creation, become aware of your feelings and notice any resistance to help guide you.

Step #1: Say “Yes”

In saying yes, you are making the declaration that you are all in. If you’re still doing research and haven’t decided that it’s right for you then you are not here yet.

When you make the decision and say yes, you are putting out the energy that you are on a new pathway. You are in the stage of manifestation when you give yourself permission to go forward.

You are thinking about doing it, talking about doing it and imagining yourself living in the energy of that end result. You are setting your intention that begins a journey of allowing yourself to be open enough to receive whatever might come your way knowing that not everything is for you.

It’s a time where you will see and hear reactions from others, and it’s a time where you will feel for yourself if this is right for you. Sometimes in saying yes, you realize there’s a whole lot of fear that must be dealt with, and a sense of overwhelm with what you’re about to do.

This is where trusting yourself becomes more important than anything. Your intuition plays a big role in this step because sometimes in saying “yes” you realize it’s not right for you and you must turn back.

In saying yes, there’s an awareness of a feeling to move forward that you can’t ignore. You are drawn into your future and you surrender, knowing the universe has your back.

Step #2: Show Up

Showing up means that when it’s time to be at a meeting or create a document, fill out an application or attend to a request, that you are doing everything in your power to align with your commitment to make this a success.

If fear or doubt creep in and you find yourself hiding in the background or making excuses for not doing something, then you’re not in this step.

You must have the right attitude and mindset to step up and allow yourself to be and do what is needed.

You may not know how it will transpire or what it will look like, but you move forward with the flow of the moment.

This is a true surrender of trust that everything will fall into place as you put the pieces together the best way you know how.

Step #3: Take Action

In taking action, you are the Conductor of all the components coming together. You have prepared and set yourself up for success and now you are pulling everything together for the final actualization of your creation. Even if you have manifested something instantaneously, you must open up to receive.

You notice the seeds you planted start to take root and you’re able to direct and mold things into place. There’s a sense of excitement as you see some areas come to fruition while continuing to move forward in confidence.

Your enthusiasm is heightened and you start to attract others that want to be in your energy. In taking action, you inspire others to do the same and you surround yourself with those that support you. You start to see your project expand beyond what you thought possible and you allow the flow of creation to transpire.