Self Reflections of the Heart

To Live in Love

   February is heart month to me. My birthday cake was always a heart as a child and we would make red construction paper hearts for decoration. It’s a special time for me to write about the strength of the heart from the health aspect but also the strength of the heart in it’s willingness to open and shine the light.

A strong heart is not only the physical strength of the muscles and valves that make up the actual organ, but includes the emotional state of the heart and the energy it holds to create a life with joy and purpose.

Are you aware that the energy of fear, frustration and overwhelm are lower energies that settle into your body? Did you know that you can release emotional energy that feels stuck?

Mentally sustaining a healthy emotional mind with a curious mindset and engaging outlook will put you in the best place to align with your desired physical health. I believe a body can’t be healthy without the same state of mind to go with it.

Have you made shifts in your mental attitude to match your regime of new habits? Do you have a calm appreciation for what you eat or does your food disappear in seconds, with no attention to the energy it took to come to you?

Do you honour yourself and who you are? Is there a deep understanding of what you are feeling and knowing that is the energy you put out into the world?

A strong healthy heart may be the key to longevity but is self love present? Are you afraid to share or do you let ego bring judgement? Is it possible to bring wisdom in place of judgement and allow more ease in your relationships?

Keeping an open mind as if you are learning something for the first time not only helps you listen and hear what is being said but allows you to rely on your own experiences to contribute instead of rebuke. There’s less focus on right or wrong when ego steps aside.

Are you sharing your wisdom to support those around you? Do you have an open attitude with someone that needs you? Or is there an energy of owing or debt?

Are you holding onto the idea of not stepping up because you never have? Can you change that idea because you’ve decided to do something different? You can make that choice. Decide to do something different if the feeling is right.

Are you willing to allow others to lean on you when they are in need? Can you open your heart and show your compassion?

Are you willing to put your heart on the line to experience the turmoil it might bring? Is there something that needs to be said?

Can you help someone in need no matter how small that offering might be?

Maybe there is change going on around you. Are you willing to take responsibility when someone else steps back?

Conscious questions of the heart are meant to promote self reflection and help you break through blocks and boundaries that are repeated generation after generation so you can start new patterns with positive impact.

Open your heart and let your light shine!