Do you know where you want to go?

What do you want to create?

Consciously contributing to the world with kindness, love and compassion, you may be faced with times when you have to stand up for your beliefs and purpose here on earth. Who are you and do you behave in a manner that supports your values? In the following Conscious Questions for January 2017 my intention is to help bring out your true self.

A good way to bring stability to your core is to ask yourself lots of questions that put you on a path of truth and authenticity. This is an exercise in deciding it’s time to let go of some of the many layers of emotions you experienced in 2016, but keep in mind it’s only time to move on when you know it is.

Emotions are meant to guide us to know what is right for our own unique presence and we will hold onto the energy of emotions for as long as we decide. Sometimes it feels good to wallow in sadness, whether it’s your own personal life or a global event. It’s ok to feel it!

We know intuitively what we are ready to let go of and what we feel needs focus. Let this be an awareness that grows to help you manage the energy you beam out into the world. Take a moment and let your inner knowing help you decipher how you want to be in 2017 and what you will bring forward into the new year.

Have I fully let go of emotional attachments to events, people and beliefs that block me from going forward with the mindset of fresh beginnings? Am I ready to leave the energy of 2016 behind? Do I now give myself permission to do so?

Now that you’ve decided to let go of something, you’ve created space for a more positive energy to fill. Imagine yourself as a seed just newly planted and springing out into the light. You have a predestined purpose just as a bird or other creature, however you have the power to follow many paths, so you must pay attention to your heart to recognize what’s best for your soul purpose.

Ask yourself about your future and become clear on a vision of your lifestyle that makes your heart sing. Using your imagination means there are no limits; nothing standing in your way.

What does my higher self know about the lifestyle I am capable of creating? How do I imagine myself living in the lifestyle that aligns with who I am? What does it look like and how am I feeling?

Your higher self is the best of who you truly are. Reflecting into that purest part of who you know you can be is your inner wisdom and it is highly underused. We tend to ask ourselves Should I do this? Should I do that? with the emphasis on external things. We can learn to adapt over time and look at it from a deeper perspective, one that gives our own greater insight.